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Noise in the DVI Output of ADV7511W


We are using ADV7511WBSWZ for DVI Output in our board. The set up is as shown in the attached image.

The cables used for connection are shielded.

We have observed that, there are white blinking dots on the output (On Monitor).

We tried to display only one primary color(any of the three) bar on the screen, with darker color the dots are not visible, but with lighter shades of the same color( with mix of other two primary color) dots are visible.

Have anyone have come across this kind of issue ?

Please help us to solve this issue ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,

Nanjunda M

The cause is P2/J2 and RTM/RTM is not rated for 1GHZ.  If we assume the problem is just a small eye at the DVI end than the MAX3815 might open the eye big enough to work.  It all depends on how the impedance mis-match is effecting the signal

  • Hi,

    Please suggest if there are any other repeaters or ICs ( or standard circuits) for better performance compared to MAX3815 for situation 2 in above system diagram.



  • With out knowing what the wave forms look like it is very hard to recommend anything to fix the issue.  HDMI is designed to operate into a specific load.

  • Hi,

    Please find the attached wave forms for both working and non working cases.



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