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(ADV7390)Does this device support 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR?

Hi !

I have a question about ADV7390.

(ADV7390)Noise output from the device.

As I attached there is noise output issue .

The customer resister is this

0x00 0x1C
0x01 0x70
0x0B 0x00
0x30 0x04
0x31 0x01
0x33 0x40
0x35 0x00
0x40 0x00
0x58 0x00
0x59 0x00
0x5A 0x00
0x5B 0x00
0x5C 0x00
0x5D 0x00

The point is some thing wrong when the input 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR.

But nothing wrong when they input 720*480p@27MHz.

The question is

1) Does ADV7390 support 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR with embedded EAV/SAV?

2) If ADV7390 support 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR, is the resister setting correct?

3) If ADV7390 support 640*480p@25.175MHz DDR do we have to use vsync and hsync?

     Or embedded EAV/SAV(BT.656) is fine?

I think that the device support only this resolution .

So I think ADV7390 cannot support 640*480p.

Also this is very critical because they have to mass‐production next month so

if you can answer about this soon, it will help us and our customer.

Best regards.