(ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W mute Video data only?

Hi !

I have two question about ADV7511W.

Our customer want to use ADV7511W to send Audio data only

because they want to sent Hi-resolution Audio so they have to protect the contents.

So they want to use HDMI with contents protect.

The image is kind of this

ADV7511W => (HDMI) => ADV7611


Can ADV7511W mute Video data only?

I mean they want to mute Video but don't want to mute Audio.

Is this possible?


ADV7511W can support 8ch(7.1ch) I2S audio or SPDIF.

When they want to change the input I2S <=> SPDIF ,

do they have to reset the ADV7511W or have to change some resister?

Or can ADV7511W detect auto?

Best regards.