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Help Request on ADV3219/3220

I am Kyaw Swa Maung from Seagate Singapore. I am responsible for design of testers for our electronic sub-assemblies (PCBA and PCCA). I have used ADI's ADV3219/3220 multiplexers for a new design of tester electronics and I'm seeing a couple of problems with them.

First issue is that there seems to be a large DC gain error with them. Error can be more than 10% in some units. Input signal is in range of 50-100mV.

Second is that the open circuit input voltage tends to go down to -3.5V. I believe it is to do with input bias current and when I have a 10kOhm to ground, I still see about -50mV. (In some units it goes to positive side.) I would like to have as minimum load (resistances much higher than 10kOhm) as possible to the DUT outputs connecting to these multiplexer inputs while having 0V (ideally) when the inputs are not driven.

Would be appreciated if I could have solutions/suggestions for these problems.

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