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(ADV7613)Can we use 2.2kOhm to pull-up?

Hi !

I have some question about ADV7613.


Can we use 2.2k to pull-up DDCA_SDA , DDCA_SCL , SCL , SDA?


Can you tell us which value should we use for pull-up?

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on Dec 16, 2016 1:13 PM

For the ADV7613

1) Normally the video source provides the strong pull up of the DDC lines so the ADV7613 side should be weak pull ups to pull the lines to known state when the source is not connected.  10K will do.

2) Chip control I2C normally will have 2.2k pull ups but will work with anything from 1k - 4.7k depending  on you system.

  • DDC is used only to transfer EDID and HDCP information.  If this is a custom design then you might not need DDC at all.  10k or 2.2k pull ups would work fine.

    Of course 2.2k for control I2C is great.