ADV 7171 Color Bar Generation for PAL

I have an ADV7171 and want to confirm its functionality using internal Color Bar Generation.As per the datasheet, in order to do so, Register Value MR17 - (Mode Register 1 ,Bit number 7) is set to 1 and the ADV7171 is configured in the master timing mode by setting LSB of TR00.(First Register after Mode 0,1,2,3,4 Registers).I am unsure of what to set in the subcarrier frequency registers.The formula given in the datasheet refers to "the number of subcarrier frequency values in one line of video line".What is this number supposed to be for the PAL format? I have searched online but haven't found anything.Furthermore, I only set register values uptill the sub carrier registers and leave others to their default values.
I haven't been able to generate any pattern with this approach.What value goes into the subcarrier frequency register for 720 pixels PAL operation? I realize that support has been discontinued for this product, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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