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Source detection issue with ADV7610 IC

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7610
Hi Team,
We are using ADV7610 IC in our custom board and we are configuring the IC to support 800 x 600 @30Hz and 1024 x 768 @30Hz resolution support with RGB888 pixel format.
Issue : The IC will not get detected with few sources (for example with HP laptop it works and with DELL laptop it wont work), we tried different EDID values extracted from different monitor with the non-working source, but still same issue is observed.
Please find the attached file for the IC configuration and the snapshot of the IC schematic on hardware.
Tried different method of configuration as mentioned in forum : Disabling EDID --> EDID write --> Enabling EDID --> Hot plug disable and enable, but still not able to detect with the sources mentioned above
Kindly Request to review the configuration file and the schematic and let us know what can be changed for all the source to detect the Receiver.
4cff80, :MAIN RESET
4cff80, :MAIN RESET
4cf480, :Programmable I2C slave address for CEC map 
4cf57c, :Programmable I2C slave address for Infoframe map
4cf964, :Programmable I2C slave address for KSV map
4cfa6c, :Programmable I2C slave address for EDID map
4cfb68, :Programmable I2C slave address for HDMI map
4cfd44, :Programmable I2C slave address for CP map
346ca6, :
4c2070, :A manual control for the value of HPA on Port A. Only valid if HPA_MANUAL is set to 1.(x111,0000)
4c0001, :Sets the input video standard mode. Configuration is dependant on PRIM_MODE[3:0]. 
4c0106, :A control to set vertical frequency : - 60 Hz
4c02f2, :1111 - Input color space depends on color space reported by HDMI block, 2 - RGB color space output
4c0340, :- 24-bit 4:4:4 SDR mode
4c0528, :A control to select DE signal or Field signal to be output on the FIELD/DE pin.
4c06a6, :A control to select VSync signal or Field signal to be output on VS/Field pin.
4c0b44, :A power-down control
4c0c42, :POWER_DOWN
4c1455, :drive strength control 	
4c15b0, :output tristate
4c1983, :Enable LLC DLL, 
4c3340, :Muxes the DLL output on LLC output
22ba01, :
324081, :
327401, : EDID enable
327401, :
327401, :
340000, :HDMI_REGISTER_00H :000 - Port A
340101, :
349b03, :
34c101, :
34c201, :
34c201, :
34c301, :
34c401, :
34c501, :
34c601, :
34c701, :
34c801, :
34c901, :
34ca01, :
34cb01, :
34cc01, :
3483fe, :
346f08, :
34851f, :
348770, :
348d04, :
348e1e, :
360000, :Header
3601ff, :Header
3602ff, :Header
3603ff, :Header
3604ff, :Header
3605ff, :Header
3606ff, :Header
360700, :Header
360830, :Manufacturer ID
3609D4, :Manufacturer ID
360a00, :Product ID Code
360b00, :Product ID Code
360c00, :Serial Number
360d00, :Serial Number
360e00, :Serial Number
360f00, :Serial Number
361034, :Manufacture Date
361121, :Manufacture Date
361201, :EDID Version
361304, :EDID revision
3614a1, :Video Type Input
361522, :Horizontal Size(cm)
361600, :Vertical Size (cm)
361700, :Display Gamma
361800, :Supported features
361900, :Color Characteristics
361a00, :Color Characteristics
361b00, :Color Characteristics
361c00, :Color Characteristics
361d00, :Color Characteristics
361e00, :Color Characteristics
361f00, :Color Characteristics
362000, :Color Characteristics
362100, :Color Characteristics
362200, :Color Characteristics
362301, :Established Supported Timings
362400, :Established Supported Timings
362500, :Manufacture's reserved Timings
362601, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362700, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362801, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362900, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362a01, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362b00, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362c01, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362d00, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362e01, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
362f00, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363001, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363100, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363201, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363300, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363401, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
363500, :EDID Standard Supported Timings
3636a0, :Detailed Timing block 1
36370f, :Detailed Timing block 1
363820, :Detailed Timing block 1
363900, :Detailed Timing block 1
363a31, :Detailed Timing block 1
363b58, :Detailed Timing block 1
363c1c, :Detailed Timing block 1
363d20, :Detailed Timing block 1
363e28, :Detailed Timing block 1
363f80, :Detailed Timing block 1
364014, :Detailed Timing block 1
364100, :Detailed Timing block 1
36420a, :Detailed Timing block 1
3643c8, :Detailed Timing block 1
364410, :Detailed Timing block 1
364500, :Detailed Timing block 1
364600, :Detailed Timing block 1
36471e, :Detailed Timing block 1
364800, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364900, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364a00, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364bfc, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364c00, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364d41, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364e44, :Detailed Timing Block 2
364f41, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365053, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365143, :Detailed Timing Block 2
36520a, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365320, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365420, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365520, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365620, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365720, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365820, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365920, :Detailed Timing Block 2
365a00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
365b00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
365c00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
365d10, :Detailed Timing Block 3
365e00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
365f00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366000, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366100, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366200, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366300, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366400, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366500, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366600, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366700, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366800, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366900, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366a00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366b00, :Detailed Timing Block 3
366c00, :Detailed Block 4
366d00, :Detailed Block 4
366e00, :Detailed Block 4
366f00, :Detailed Block 4
367000, :Detailed Block 4
367100, :Detailed Block 4
367200, :Detailed Block 4
367300, :Detailed Block 4
367400, :Detailed Block 4
367500, :Detailed Block 4
367600, :Detailed Block 4
367700, :Detailed Block 4
367800, :Detailed Block 4
367900, :Detailed Block 4
367a00, :Detailed Block 4
367b00, :Detailed Block 4
367c00, :Detailed Block 4
367d00, :Detailed Block 4
367e00, :Extension flag
367f3a, :Checksum
4c20f0; :A manual control for the value of HPA on Port A. Only valid if HPA_MANUAL is set to 1.(x111,0000)

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