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MAX9406:: DP to DVI/HDMI Level Shifter:: Assembly Instruction

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX9406

Dear Team,

I am using MAX9406 IC in one of my product for Display Port to HDMI level shifting. We found issue with IC assembly. i.e., The IC didn't function if you assembled through machine assembly. (i.e., using Reflow). But the same IC is working fine if we assembled through manual soldering (around 300°C). Hence, I am requesting to address the issue.


i.We couldn't find Reflow profile for MAX9406 IC in datasheet/any other sources.

ii.The Reflow profile which we followed to assemble MAX9406 IC as follows,

Max Rising Slope: Ramp up 1.5 - 2°C / second
o Straight ramp: 120 - 180°C for 70 seconds
o Traditional Soak 145 - 180°C for 80 - 90 seconds
Time Above Liquidous: 60 - 70 seconds
Peak Temperature: 240 – 245 °C

Thanks & Regards,

Prabakaran P