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ADV7630 Splitter 1:2

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7630
Software Version: Arduino


I'm a Student which should make a HDMI splitter 1:2, I found the ADV7630 on myAnalog because it is the only splitter where the CEC (Consumer Electronic Control Channel) is treated. If you know some other simpler Splitters let me know please.

Componant link :

To test it I tried to make a PCB on EasyEDA it looks like this :

According to the datasheet, I provide the pins' needs with those componants :

The USB input provied the +5V supply, U2 is a +3.3V regulator ans U4 is a +1.8V regulator.

The U1 is a AVR32DA32 microcontroller for the pin 9 which need a 20MHz clock and the I2C control at the pins 12(SDA) and 13(SCL).

My bigest problem for now is that I didn't find any exemple of code in the datasheets and I'm having a hard time finding which instruction should I use for my AVR32DA32.

I use VisualStudio PlatformIO in Arduino to code, I didn't find any librairies on it, I suppose I must to control the data line by a HIGH and LOW states with good timing. 

So first did I understand right the needs ?

Do you know a way to "control the data line" ?

Does the CEC absolutely need to be treated ?

Thanks you,
If you need anythings don't hesitate.

CY University