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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7181D

Please someone explain me that 

What are possible the reason for that, video decoder out got default data while no input. but here we are giving analog input and that time also decoder giving default digital data. (here all recommended electronic connections are made as per data sheet).

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  • Hi,

    Do you have one of our evaluation board?

    Which scripts are you using?

    If you've designed your own board, check the input analog path impedance. Does your input circuit match the reference design from the data sheet?

    Check whether free run works correctly.

    Free Run mode is intended to provide the user with a stable clock and predictable data if the input signal cannot be decoded/lost i.e input video is not present. It controls the default color insertion and it causes the ADV7181D to generate a default clock.


    Varshini K

  • Tqs for the response Mam. 

    But video not coming properly like as input while doing video decoder video encoder loop back. Some blue screen data is coming on display. Separately We checked Encoder also, it is working properly. 

    What ever video data from decoder is coming from camera is properly coming but some blue screen related data is came out from decoder data lines even camera is connected to it.  

    What are the possible reasons for that. 

  • Hi,

    Check out the lock bits in Status 1 & 3 (0x10, 0x13).
    Are you using any specific script from ADV7181D Design Support Files ?
    Are you using our evaluation board for the ADV7181D?
    Varshini K