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Single HDMI 8:1 multiplexer using two AD8197s

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8197


I'm looking to build a single HDMI 8:1 multiplexer using two AD8197s. I saw that a similar topic already exists on EZ, but I could not find answers to my questions there.

Please tell me how can I create such a scheme. Which output pins will I need to combine? Which mode should I choose: dual 8:1 switch, or a single 16:1 switch? How will the ICs know that they are working together and in what order are they assigned source inputs? Will I need to specify the same I2C address for each AD8197?

And one general question. What do I need to do with parallel IOs when working with a serial interface? Just leave them unconnected?

I'm just starting to work with such integrated circuits, so I don't understand everything that's going on very deeply. Sorry for my stupid questions :)

Thanks in advance for your answer.


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