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about CLK pin (53pin) specifications

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7513

Regarding the CLK pin (53pin) of ADV7513, are there any specifications regarding frequency deviation and phase jitter?

Customer assumes that frequency will change due to phase jitter and they would like to know specially in 148.5MHz, 74.5MHz and 27MHz range.

  • Hi,

    Apologies for the delay.

    Any noise that that is coupled onto the CLK input trace will add jitter to the system.

    Jitter will depend on the LLC clock. The LLC is a line locked clock. i.e. it is a clock that is locked to the length of the incoming horizontal line of video. The LLC is designed to speed up or slow down in order to compensate for horizontal lines of video that are too long/short. This prevents video data being lost.

    You may need to check the LLC phase.  It can be different on each board type. Depending on your board, you might have a phase issue causing an instability. 

    Maybe phasing between LLC and the data bus or possibly duty cycle of the LLC.  Make sure the amplitudes are correct and edges relatively clean.

    Dharani S