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ADV7511 fails in the system

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7511

The customer uses ADV7511 for the DVI interface where they had some failures over the past few days. On all failed devices the customer can measure approximately 1 kOhm resistance between pin#35 and pin#42, TX0- and TX2- respectively. They have RClamp protection on these lines but still it is failing. What could be the reason for this issue? Thank you. 

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  • Hi,

    Kindly provide the below required information.

    Are the circuits properly grounded? Did you refer the schematics of ADV7511 as Reference from ADV7511 design support files

    How do you configure the board either through or script?

    Also, please ensure with the below things.

    For selecting DVI interface you have to write 0xAF as 0. (Page No.18 in Programming guide).

    Please refer here:/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/331/0576.ADV7511W_5F00_Programming_5F00_Guide.pdf

    Below are the supported output formats of ADV7511. The output might get failed for the other formats.


    Dharani S

  • Hi!

    We have solid ground plane to ensure proper grounding.

    We use Linux application for configuring the board.

    The register in address 0xAF seems to be set correctly: 

    Additionally we're writing

    /* ADI recommended values for proper operation. */
    static const char adv7511_fixed_registers[10][2] = {
      { 0x41, 0x10 },
      { 0x98, 0x03 },
      { 0x9a, 0xe0 },
      { 0x9c, 0x30 },
      { 0x9d, 0x61 },
      { 0xa2, 0xa4 },
      { 0xa3, 0xa4 },
      { 0xe0, 0xd0 },
      { 0xf9, 0x00 },
      { 0x55, 0x02 },


    Please feel free to let me know if you need some more details from our side.

    Thanks & regards,

    Kanchan A.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestions, but from your suggestions it looks like we're trying to make the camera functional but that's not the problem.
    Our cameras have been working and in production for the past few years, but recently we have seen failures with some cameras where we found that the ADV7511 chip had failed and we could measure approximately 1k resistance between pin#35 and pin#42. Now we need your support to find the reasons.

    We have already confirmed that we are using a solid ground plane in addition we would like to hear your suggestions for further analysis.

    Thanks & regards,


  • Hi,

    So you've verified all of the power rails are correct and the device GND is connected to the board's GND.

    Some additional questions:

    * Is the CPU's I2C SCL connected to ADV7511W pin 35?

    * Is the CPU's I2C SDA connected to ADV7511W pin 36?

    * What value pull-up resistors are you using on SCL/SDA and to what voltage?

    * What are you doing with the PD pin? what value resistor and what voltage?

    Please make sure that our EVAL-ADV7612-7511 evaluation board have the following note about the PD pin:


    I2C ADDR = 0x7A



    I2C ADDR = 0X72


    Also in the below thread, you can find some expert comments on the camera interface to HDMI port. Hope this may help.

     Camera interface to HDMI port 

    If the above information didn't help, please let us know the exact failure status with detailed description. So that, we can provide relevant solution.

    Dharani S

  • Hi,

    We're using ADV7511 and not ADV7511W, if there is any difference.

    On ADV7511 pin#35 & pin#36 are TX0- & TX0+ respectively.

    I2C connected to pi#53 & pin#54, SCL & SDA respectively.

    I2C pull up resistor values are 1.8K.

    PD has pull down resistor. 

    I2C ADDR is 0x72.

    Again, our camera is functional and we had no issue since last couple of years in production and on customer side. This failure is very recent and I believe we should have to focus more on hardware instead of software.

    Waiting for your expert opinion.



  • Dear Kanchan,

    Thanks for clarifying that you are using ADV7511 and not ADV7511W. I think DharaniS was confused.

    Do you have one of our evaluation boards which has ADV7511, such as EVAL-ADV7612-7511P?


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I don't have any EVAL board, but I've checked the EVAL board schematic and didn't find anything suspicious in that, and that's the reason may be we need your support to dive dipper.



  • Hi,

    In case of not having the Eval board, can you send your Hardware Schematic and board configuration.

    What did you use as a reference design? We need to make sure that the schematic and layout are as per the reference to see if this is a potential source of the problem.

    Please note, based on our expert's suggestion, we are strongly recommending you purchase an evaluation board so that we can rule out any issues with your hardware or software.

    Dharani S

  • Hi Dharani,

    I'll have to check the NDA before sharing the schematic, but I'll do it today only. 

    As I said this board was designed couple of years before and I've very limited information as person who had designed it is not working anymore with us, so I need some reference for comparison and I think I got that schematic from the link which was shared for reference documents.

    Also, our software is functional since last couple of years and cameras are in market without any service returns, so I rule out the possibility of software failure.



  • Hello Again,

    May be you can explain in a better way if there is any case you might have seen where ADV7511 failed due to software failure. Let's focus specifically on specified pins as our observation is quite similar with multiple failures. This way it will be easier for us to relook into our software.



  • PDF

    Hi Dharani,

    Hear I'm sharing our schematic for your reference. 



  • Hello Dharani,

    Any update on this?



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