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EVAL-7613 AVES Blue Connection Settings

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7613
Software Version: AVES Blue 3.03.1574

I am confused on how to connect to the EVAL-7613. 

What am I supposed to put here?


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  • Hi,

    I have attached a zip file. Inside is a file called 'sdpApi1.dll'.
    There is a file with the same name located in the folder where AvesBlue is installed. For me, this is ''C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\AvesBlue\"
    Could you please try replacing the file in that location with the one in the attached zip file?
    I had to replace this file on my version of Aves when connecting to some other analog device boards with SDP chips so it might help here too.

    Many thanks,