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ADV7480 I2C NACK error

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7480


We are using ADV7480 in our product as HDMI decoder. We are observing I2C NACK error while accessing registers from the following Maps

CP Map Address set to 0x44
HDMI RX Map Address set to 0x68
HDMI RX Repeater Map Address set to 0x64

However we never see any error accessing
IO Map address 0xE0
CSI-TXA Map Address set to 0x94

The issue observed almost 50% of the time while writing to CP, HDMI RX and HDMI repeater.

We are currently bringing up pattern generator of ADV7480 and the register setting we use for this is

":08-10 Free-run MIPI TxA CSI 4-Lane - RGB888, 1280x720p 60Hz:" from the

The issue is strange as it occurs only while accessing few blocks. Please let us know what can be the possible cause of this issue.

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