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ADV7850 PLL I2C Address

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7850


Hope you have been doing well! I was reading through this EngineerZone thread regarding implementation of the ADV7850 in auto graphics mode, and I was specifically looking at the example script you shared in your post on November 15th. I trust that this script works (you included pictures of it working after all), but the one thing that seems unusual to me are the commands where you configure the PLL settings:

40 16 C3 ; manual PLL setting
40 17 5A ; manual PLL setting

In the above two commands, it looks like you’re setting pll_div_man_en and pll_div_ratio which are necessary for auto graphics mode. However, according to the ADV7850 Hardware Manual, the pll_div_man_en and pll_div_ratio bitfields are located at I2C address A0, not I2C address 40:


Therefore, it seems that the correct commands for configuring the PLL settings are:

A0 16 C3 ; manual PLL setting
A0 17 5A ; manual PLL setting

Can you confirm which I2C address we should be using to program the ADV7850’s PLL settings (pll_div_man_en and pll_div_ratio)? The ADV7850 Hardware Manual indicates that these PLL settings are located at I2C address A0, but the example script you shared suggests that the PLL settings are actually located at I2C address 40. Which I2C address is correct?

Thanks for your help!