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MAX9406ETJ+ HDMI Output is not Consistent

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX9406ETJ+

Hello Team,

I am using MAX9406ETJ+  (DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI Level Shifter) for  Dual Mode-Diplay Port (DP++) to HDMI Conversion.

In that, The HDMI video is not coming consistently. i.e., It appears and disappears in between. sometimes not appearing at all.  The quality of Video output is good. As i am using Ubuntu 18.04 OS, I have tried all the possible ways from application side (i.e., in Display setting, change into Joint Monitor, Single display, Mirroring). Only in Mirroring, I am getting Video output for long time until Shut town. Once Shut down, again HDMI output is not appearing.

Note: i.  I am using Common Mode Choke (P/N:  MCZ1210AH900L2TA0G) at  the output (TMDS and Clk Signals).


Kindly do the needful.


Prabakaran  P