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Request script files of ADV7391 supporting 720p 25Hz/30Hz, 1080p 25Hz/30Hz

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7391


My customer is considering to use ADV7391 replacing Vix VS8822.

For this, they want to get script files of ADV7391 supporting 720p 25Hz/30Hz and 1080p 25Hz/30Hz.  

Q1) Would you provide script files of ADV7391 supporting 720p 25Hz/30Hz and 1080p 25Hz/30Hz?  

Q2) Would you let me know the meaning of below I2C addresses or provide I2C address map information?                

0x42, 0x54, 0x50  



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  • Dear Dharani S

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    But I don't find 1080p configuration in your script file.

    Would you confirm this again?



  • Hi,

    We are having script for 1080i

    :DDR EAV/SAV 1080i/60Hz, YCrCb In. 10-Bit 422 Out through Encoder:

    54 00 1C ; Power up DAcs and PLL
    54 01 26 ; ED/HD-DDR mode, Y data on DDR rising edge
    54 30 6C ; 1080i@30 Frame rate, EAV/SAV codes enabled
    54 31 01 ; HD4X enabled,Pixel data valid
    54 33 6C ; PrPb SSAF , SINC filter enabled, 10 bit input mode enabled
    50 11 00 ; FPGA - DCMs out of reset

    Kindly change 0x30 register value for 1080p 30fps/25fps as suggested earlier.

    Dharani S