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Trying to get the MAX96717F to generate a 34.375MHz clock for the image sensor

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX96717F

We need MAX96717F to generate a 34.375MHz (=25MHz*110/80 with proper f_vco) clock for the image sensor in ROR mode.

According to the MAX96717 datasheet, we have tried programming the DPLL_3 and DPLL_7-10 to:

DPLL_3 = 0x92;    // config_use_internal_divider_values = 1

DPLL_7 = 0x04;    // config_div_in = 1, config_div_fb = 110 (L=0)

DPLL_8 = 0x37;    // config_div_fb = 110 (H=55)

DPLL_9 = 0x80;    // config_div_out = 80 (L=0x10)

DPLL_10 = 0x82;    // config_div_out = 80 (H=0x02), config_allow_coarse_change=1

But the output clock frequency is about 37.4539MHz (measured using an oscilloscope that measured a 25MHz crystal as 25.0019MHz).

How to make the MAX96717F output 110/80 (or 55/40) times the input 25MHz?

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