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ADV7280 PAL B Colors issue.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7280

Dear all,

We have a custom board with an AD7280 device, and we grab only 1 field (that why you only see half an image, which is not a problem for us right now).

Ballot box with check With color bars and other test patterns: Works pefectly. 

Ballot box with check With an NTSC camera: Works pefectly.

 However With  a PAL B camera supposed to provide color images, we get this:

The image is very dark (but this may be normal given it's a tiny endoscope camera),

The image is mostly black and white (with stange color artefacts, specially in the part of the image where there is a lot of red)

The image should show a blue screw driver with a red handle, but as you can see, it's mostly black and white.

We can't understand why we're getting such a bad image.

What we have checked so far:

* The ADV7280 correctly detects PAL B (which is the output format of our camera).

* The video signal amplitude is around 1vpp (looking at a complete frame).

* The CKE signal status seems to be always 0.

* The FSC_LOCK is 1, (at least when we read it)

* COL_KILL is always 0 (at least when we read it).

Thank you very much for your help.