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Tolerance of capacitance connected to COMP pin

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7391
Software Version: -

Dear Analog Devices Team

The ADV7391BCPZ datasheet states that the COMP pin is connected to the VAA via 2.2nF.


We would like to create a 2.2nF with multiple parallel capacitors.

Are the following combinations allowed ?

(1) 1500pF (10%, X7R) + 680pF (5%, C0G) = 2180pF (2.18nF)

(2) 1000pF(5%, C0G) + 1000pF(5%, C0G) +220pF(5%, C0G) =2220pF (2.22nF)


The intention of using parallel capacitors is to reduce the number of component types by using capacitors that are also used in other circuits,

since only one 2.2 nF capacitor is used on the board.

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Either solution will work.

Either solution will work.