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MAX9406 :: DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI Level Shifter :: TMDS Signal Swapping

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX9406ETJ+
Software Version: Not Applicable

Hello Team,

I am using MAX9406ETJ+  (DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI Level Shifter) for  Dual Mode-Diplay Port (DP++) to HDMI Conversion.

As per Application Notes  (APPLICATION NOTE 4313),  the output  signals (i.e., TMDS signal (OUT_D4  & OUT_D2 pairs)) to be swapped  like the following order as,

Input:   D4 D3 D2 D1 &

Output : D2 D3 D4 D1.

From the above, It is observed that TMDS Pair D4 & D2 got swapped for HDMI Conversion at Output side.

Is it, The output of Signals (TMDS pair D4 & D2) to swapped for DP to HDMI Conversion?

Kindly do the needful,

Note: Application Note Image is attached herewith


Prabakaran  P