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ADV7604 Lock Range for Analog video input.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7604


 I'd like to know the spec. of horizontal and vertical lock range of analog video input on ADV7604.

I've checked some ralated document, such as a hardware manual, a datasheet, but i haven't found such spec.

as for other models like ADV7280, the ranges are defined  on spec table.

Can I have some advice on this?

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  • Hi,

       We can find the details of Horizontal/Vertical Lock Mechanism in the "ADV7604 hardware manual" at a (

       Also, we can refer the lock range for Vertical/Horizontal in other receiver specification document since it will be almost same.

    Kindly note that, Vertical refresh frequency has to be in that range to lock. It's normally 50 or 60 for the expected formats since it is the important frequency So as the bottom line, if you need a tolerance then it should be +-0.5% however pixel clock is derived from the vertical and horizontal frequency requirements of the resolution.



  • Hi, Poornima

     Thank you very much for your reply.

     I'll check the mechanism in the manual and refer to the tolerance as well.

    Best regards,