(ADV7511W)Do you have a script for QVGA YUV to RGB?

Hi !

I have some questions about ADV7511W.

I already asked some questions for this.

(ADV7511W) Can ADV7511W support QVGA by Table34? 

As you answered to me, I understood that ADV7511W can support QVGA.


Do you have some example to output QVGA YUV to RGB?


Or set up table 34 is enough to support QVGA YUV to RGB?

I'm asking this because our customer want to know how to use ADV7511W with QVGA.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 6, 2017 3:08 PM


    I believe that there is no specific script for this YUV to RGB as mentioned in other reference thread and table reference would be enough.

    Let me confirm with part specialist and update you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 8, 2017 7:34 PM

    Section 3 of the Programming manual gives a very good Skeleton outline of what needs to be programmed in order to get the ADV7511W to output video.

    We have never tested QVGA with ADV7511W, and thinking about it now it may be tricky to get working at all.

    The Minimum pixel clock we test with is about 13 Mhz, under that we use pixel repetition. The minimum pixel clock that HDMI supports is 20Mhz. So I definitely think if QVGA were to work at all with ADV7511W then you will need to have pixel repetition on.

    Before a customer commits to design in, I'd suggest trying to get the QVGA format to work on our evaluation boards first as I'm doubtful now that QVGA will work at all.



  • Hi Mike

    Thank you for your support.

    So it looks to use QVGA there is many hurdle...

    Also I'm out two week and I cannot go to my Lab and I think we don't have QVGA video source...

    If you have QVGA video source, can you try to output QVGA?

    If you can't , I think I have to talk with my customer about this because it would take very long time to make a new script.

    Best regards.


  • Hi Mike 

    Thank you for your support everyday.

    Can you give some advice to my newest question?

    If it is difficult to make new scirpt for QVGA , it is OK.

    The customer application is just R&D so it would be no problem.

    Best regards.


  • Hi Mike

    Thank you for you support every day

    I have not received response from you but I think it is very difficult to make new script for this case.

    So I will close this session.

    Best regards