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Max96712 remote error report

Category: Software
Product Number: Max96712


We use one max96712 and four max96717F in our project.  I try to use the remote error reporting feature and did setting as below. 

I set ERR_TX_EN = 1, ERR_TX_ID = 3 in max96717F, and ERR_RX_EN_A(/B/C/D) = 1, ERR RX ID A(/B/C/D) = 3 in max96712. 

The result is that REM_ERR_FLAG is always 1, I confirmed that ERRB of four max96717F is high at this time. 

So why it is always reporting remote error? Even I set not to receive the remote error ERR_RX_EN_A(/B/C/D) = 0, the phenomenon is still same.

Thank you

Ding Zhihua