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ADV7625 Blimp OSD tool abnormality

Category: Software
Software Version: Blimp 3.9.2 SP2

Hi Poornima,

The size drawn by OSD BOX is different from the actual size. It is displayed normally in the Blimp simulator, but when it is run on our board, it will display an exception. The specific manifestation is that the background color changes from a gray background to a gray line.

As shown in the schematic diagram below,

The following screen appears when our motherboard is running,

Additional note: We did not use the ADV7625 evaluation board to test this issue because we do not have an evaluation board available, but our board has been ported

Adi_adv7625_evaluation board software rel2.5rc1 20211107. zip

This SDK can display images and characters normally, but the size drawn by OSD BOX is incorrect.

Best Regards,

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