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ADV7280 chromatic aberration

Hello, I'm currently using an ADV7280 with a PAL format video source. I'm experimenting a chromatic aberration on the edges of objects showing false colors like red and green. I have modified registers like Adaptive contrast enhancement, chroma gain and chroma transient improvement but the chromatic aberration is still present.

The video source without the ADV7280 doesn't present the color issues, is when it is connected to the ADV7280 that the chromatic aberration appears.

Do you have any suggestions on how to remove the chromatic aberration?

  • Hi,

    Please make sure with crystal clock (i.e) Make sure you are providing correct XTAL 28.6363 and your script selects 28.63636 crystal.

    Instead of configuring the 0x07 (Autodetect enable) & try to configure the respective register for Particular input and let us know.

    For PAL Input - 42 02 84 // PAL B/G/H/I/D
    For NTSC-M - 42 02 54 //NTSC-M
    For NTSC-J - 42 02 44 //NTSC -J



  • Hi Poornima,

    I'm working with Kimberly on this task, and managed to test this yesterday.

    I think the crystal clock is correct, we are using an eval board, and aren't modifying any registers related to it, so I suppose it is using the default 28.63 value if it is togglable.

    I also tested manually setting the input format, but this didn't show any difference from using the autodetect (I tested all possible formats and only the 0x84 PAL showed the image the closest but with the same artifacts).

    Do you have any other suggestion or something else we might try?

  • Hi,

     Please let us know your PAL standard and also Are you using I2P feature?

     If Possible, Kindly share your register configuration.