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No video output from ADV7623

Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7623

Hi EZ team,

We could use ADV7623 to transmit video signal and audio signal to XIAOMI's display successfully before. However, when we use other displays, there would be no video signal from ADV7623 but we can still receive audio signals. Is this a problem caused by the configuration of ADV7623? Could you please give me some suggestions? If more details are needed, please let me know

Many Thanks!


Jingwei Qin

  • Hi,

     It may be related to EDID problem and let us know whether you are using script or software driver?

     Kindly note that, By default, the software driver for the EVAL-ADV7623EBZ works in this way:
    * It reads the EDID (capabilities) of the sink device connected to the TX of ADV7623.
    * It copies that EDID info from the ADV7623 TX EDID memory to the ADV7623 RX EDID memory
    * It tells the source devices connected to ADV7623 RX to read this EDID info.
    So if you are using the software driver to configure the EVAL-ADV7623EBZ then It will tell the source devices about the connected sink (TV/Monitor) capability to avoid display problem.