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How to use equalizer for ADV7613

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7613
Software Version: no version

We need "how to use equalizer for ADV7613 ".

ADV7613 UG907 describes that an equalizer is included, but there is no way to use it.
Please tell me how to use the equalizer.

In ADV7611 and ADV7612, 0x8D and 0x8E were explained.
However, the ADV7613 has no explanation.

  • Hi,

      ADV761x are all same die but have different Pin-Outs functionality So we can use the registers and their details from ADV7611/ADV7612 parts.

      As per expert comment, by modifying the HDMI map register 0x8E can sets the gain of the high frequency filter of the HDMI equalizer. So you can try setting this register to best suit your application.
    These are recommended 8D/8E register. 

     By default, the Equalizer works in automatic mode, where it selects the best settings based on the input connected. Based on our evaluation, we found that a manual setting gave a more optimum setting over a range of sources and for Compliance testing, So a manual setting was recommended.



  • Hi  Poornima-san

    Thankyou for answer!

    It was a great help.

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