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adv7625 Rx HPA get low state anyway

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7625

Hello there,

We have a design based on ADV7625, the purpose is to forward the HDMI signal from RxA to TxA, and split the audio signal to SPDIF with AP1. At present, we have tried to modify the I2C register to configure Rx1 like manual set the state of HPA or takes its value based on hpa_auto_int_edid. However, the HPA states of the RxA interface is always act low which causes the signal source to fail to connect normally.

How should I deal with it?

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  • Thanks for your reply Poornima!

    In our design, We use a ADV7625 chip and in his design support file page( ADV7625 Design Support Files ), There have a file named "", It contains a hardware manual, According this file it says "The ADV7625 features an on-board 1000 Ohm resistor to reduce the bill of materials cost for system designs.", So based on this I do a wire direct to RXA_HPA pin without a resistor to HDMI port PIN-19.

    So if i understand correct, In my design i need to wire RXA_HPA pin direct to RXA_5V?

    By the way, I was confused by ADI's documents which "ADV7625 DataSheet" say the D7 RXA_HPA is output but "ADV7625 HW_Manual" say it was input pin.

  • Hi,

      As per expert comment @ 5V tolerant pins of ADV7611. - Q&A - Video - EngineerZone (

       RXA_5V is 5V detect pin. It is a 5V tolerant input pin.

       HPA_A/INT2 is a 5V tolerant output.

       The absolute max ratings entry "5V Tolerant Inputs to Gnd" applies to DDCA_SCL, DDCA_SDA and RXA_5V.

    Also note that, HPA_x are inputs on reset.  They can be changed to open drain outputs with specific register writes.  There should be a 1K pull up between DDC_5V and HPD on the connector.  The HPA pin can be turned into an output to toggle the  HPD signal on the connector.