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CSC Function on ADV7610

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7610


I've received questions for CEC of ADV7610. Could you check following query?

Item 1 : Regarding CSC from YPbPr IN to YPbPr OUT

They're using following register settings. If they'd like to make the configuration of "YPbPr IN to YPbPr OUT", can it be achieved by simply changing "address 0x02 -> 0xF2" to "address 0x02 -> 0xF0"?

If it needs any other settings, please let me know.

Item 2 : Regarding 24bit SDR422 mode

Their current setting is 24bit SDR 422 mode. With the current settings for "YPbPr in + YPbPr out", is the 12 pin for Y output/PbPr output 0 padding for the lower 4 bits?

If this is used as "RGB in + YPbPr out" and internal CSC is used, will the internal calculation result come out in 12bit full? Or is the lower 4 bits 0 padding (if 0 padding, I would like to know whether it is rounded or truncated)?

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