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DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11 Hangs on 7280 Board Load

Category: Software
Product Number: Eval - ADV7280AEBZ
Software Version: DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11

When I choose the ADV7280A_CUST Board on the DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11 it hangs on the "Loading  ADV7931::Encoder..." step:

The Console has these errors:

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  • Hi,

    This we may have chance of ADV7280 board files were not installed correctly.

    Kindly un-installing and install the ADV7280 board files from DVP eval latest source and try again.

    How to uninstall the ADV7280 board files:

    1) Open DVP Eval Latest Source.

    2) Press Scritps -> Run Py Scritps

    3) In the window that opens, scroll down to the bottom and select

    4) Press Open

    5) The Remove Boards window will now appear.

    6) Press Refresh Board List and then select the ADV7280_CUST.

    7) Press 'Delete Selected Boards'.

    •      Also delete ADV7280_CUST_STUB if it appears in the list of Boards.

    8) Go to "C:\Users\jfix\Documents\Analog Devices\DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11\xml\New Boards\Recent Boards Added\". Delete the folder ADV7280_CUST.

    •      Also delete ADV7280_CUST_STUB if it exists.

    9) Go to "C:\Users\jfix\Documents\Analog Devices\DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11\scripts". Delete the folder ADV7280_CUST and ADV7280_CUST_STUB if they exist.

    How to re-install the board files:

    1) Use Filezilla to go to the FTP site.

    2) Go to the folder ADV7280 -> Software.

    3) Copy the folder ADV7280_CUST to your computer's desktop.

    4) When download is complete copy the folder to the location:

         C:\Users\jfix\Documents\Analog Devices\DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11\xml\New Boards

    5) Open DVP Eval Latest Source

    6) Select File -> Update Boards

    I would like to make sure that the board is not the source of the problem.

    Please do not connect the USB cable to the evaluation board.

    7) Press Choose Board and select ADV7280_CUST.

    8) Wait for the board files to load. Note with the board disconnected this can take upto 5 minutes.

    9) After the board files load, the bottom of DVP EVAL window should say 'Board Disconnected' next to a red circle.

    10) Power up the ADV7280 evaluation board and connect the USB cable from the ADV7280 evaluation board to the PC.

    11) Press 'Hardware Reset'. The bottom of DVP EVAL window should now say 'Board Connected' next to a green circle. It should now be possible to program the ADV7280 evaluation board.

    Also Please refer this thread getting ADV7280 eval brd up - Q&A - Video - EngineerZone ( Here expert gave some suggestion about the reported problem.



  • Followed instructions above and still not working.  I went through the other Q&A's on this problem and I don't see a resolution on them either.

     getting ADV7280 eval brd up 


    Also, from the Console output the error occurs in line 98 when mod.USBI2C() is called with a "Class not registered" com_error. In the Device Manager the Eval Board is connected as a USB I2C HID Device as expected.

    Additionally, if I run the DVP Eval's Device Scanner it hangs as well with the same error:

  • Hi,

      Please refer this FAQ to know about the DVP eval software limitation at DVP Evaluation Software to check whether we are missing anything.

       Also, in this pdf we have provided the details of downloading and installing the DVP Eval software,

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