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[ADV7480] About ADI Recommended Script Commands

Category: Datasheet/Specs


I am using the ADI recommended script file (01_21) of "ADV7481ES3C-VER.3.6c.txt".
I have two questions about the contents of the document "ADV7481_UG-747.pdf", which is not explained with "  -  ".

I am sending the (hdmi_register_02h) ”68 83 00” command in the initialization sequence.
If the "68 83 00" command is not sent (initial value 0xFF), what is the impact?

I am sending the (mute_ctrl) ”68 1A 80” command in the initialization sequence.
If this bit7 is set to zero, what is the impact?

Best Regards.

  • Hi,

    Please find the below comments,


    "68 83 00" register manually controls the RX termination then the RX will not work properly.

    Please note that, If those writes are not included, Part would not expect to work reliably .

    Those registers are generally internal settings that let us handle process variation which is why they are determined during characterization. The settings that show up as "ADI Recommeded Settings" are the values that work reliably across voltage and temperature. They really should be called "ADI Required settings".


    If bit 7 is set to zero, then it will mute the compressed audio stream other than LPCM.

    Also Please refer the below snap details about 68 1A register.