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ADV7611 at resolution 1920 1080 60Hz has some noise

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7611


i have a board which uses an ADV7611 and ADV7125 to confert a source signal from HDMI to a VGA RGB 24bpp. The board is working fine for all supported monitor resolution, but 1080p, which has some noise in the image. I need to fix and work with this resolution.

It seems that resolution 1080p (1920x1080@60hz) is supported from ADV7611 devices. The pixel clock is of the incoming signal is 148.5MHz. Reading HDMI registers inside ADV7611, seems that the incoming signal is correctly detected. TMDS_PLL_LOCKED is 1. VERT_FILTER_LOCKED is 1. DE_REGEN_FILTER_LOCKED is 1. FIELD0 and FIELD1 heigths have the correct values, but in the monitor i see noise aroud the image borders, and in general. Can you help to identify what kind of problem is this?

I have started from script 6-1f to configure device.

Kind Reagrds