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AD9984A with ADV7513 for analogue rgb

Category: Hardware

Hello, i would like to use these two chips to convert an 256x224 analogue 4:4:4 (15 bit color) rbg pal signal with composite sync or sync on luma. At first i want to use an microprocessor to program them, but ultimatively i want to use an EEPROM like the M24C16-R to input the register settings. Now i am wondering if it is even possible to be able to build a board like this, so i am asking here. For sound i want to use the output of an DIT4096 or similar chip using i2s or toslink.

My questions:

-Is my idea even possible?

-do i need to tweak the input, as the resolution is not something normal?

-can these chips also scale to 1080p (or similar) or would they display the signal "as is"?

-how much current is needed to supply these chips? will 300mA be enought for it?

-where do i get detailled information on how to program them, the datasheets are thin in info.

Thanks a lot in advance, excuse my bad english and my missing knowhow, this is the first time i am desinging a video board.

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