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ADV8005 Pixel Port Mapping

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV8005


We are starting a new design with a ADV7401 and ADV8005 to convert VGA to Composite like in the following topology.

Analog VGA -> ADV7401 (pixel output) -> 24-bit RGB SDR -> ADV8005 (pixel input) -> DAC1 (Composite)

From the ADV7401 manual it is clear that the RGB pixel output should be mapped to R[29:22], G[19:12] and B[9:2], however I'm not sure if we connecting this to the ADV8005 correct.  From the Software Reference Manual (p.143) it shows that the VID_FORMAT_SEL[4:0] can be configured for "3 x 8-bit buses, SDR 4:4:4 (P[35:28], P[23:16], P[11:4])". 

Is it correct to connect R[29:22] to P[35:28], G[19:12 to P[23:16] and B[9:2] to P[11:4]?  I think it is then necessary to convert the RGB to YUV by setting the Color Space Coefficients to the "RGB (limited) to SDTV YCbCr" values as shown in table on p.88, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, are there any registers script files for initializing the ADV8005?  These have been very helpful in the past when getting started with decoders, but I didn't see anything like this in  Advantiv EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ Video Evaluation Board

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  • Hi,

       Yes your approach was correct to convert VGA to composite by using two ADV parts.

       Connect the pixel port pins as per RGB bus alignment given in ADV7401 and ADV8005. Please refer below snap.

    Regarding CSC,  All video formats routed through the CP core can be colour space converted (CSC). The SDP core cannot perform CSC.

     A fully programmable, any-to-any, 3 × 3 color space conversion matrix is placed between the analog front end and the CP section. This enables YPrPb-to-RGB and RGB-to-YCrCb conversions. Many other standards of color space can be implemented using the color space converter.

    Please note, we do not supply plain scripts for the ADV8005.When using the ADV8003/ADV8005 evaluation boards, we recommend customer to use our software driver, not scripts.