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AD8146 DC offset Voltage

I am using AD8146 for single ended to differential conversion of Stanag 3350B signals.  Single ended signals are received from cross point switch. On my input side, it has an offset of 0.6V. But my output side, it should not have any DC offset 

Now, I have to approach to implement this. 

1. Provide AC coupled input ( source side  - 220uF + 75Ohm - High pass filter) or use 75 Ohm and 100nF close to AD8146. 

In this approach, my low frequency signal will not get much distorted as per my understanding. But 220uF is too big to place in PCB, since I will be having 24 Single ended input signals. But, I am worrying about settling time and Phase margin.

2. Or else, control Vocm pin of Ad8146, by providing negative Voltage divider Bias. My input has +0.6 V offset, so I will provide offset of -0.6V to Vocm pin.which will nullify my common mode voltage. But I have to take carry of my supply voltage noise. Here, single Chip will have common bias,

What is the sink current of the pin Vocm?

 Which approach, do you recommend to follow?