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ADV7611 RGB888 640*480 Output the VsyncTiming Controls Register Setting Question

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: Nono
Software Version: version 0.3

I want Use ADV7611 to Trans HDMI from PC to AT056TN53V1 screem witch is need RGB888 Signal DE Mode or HV Mode。

I have something confuse When I was setting the ADV7611 CP block Register Addr = 0x7F:i cant found the VS Default Timing table in UG-180.

In page125 of UG-180,it only have the VS Default Timing Table about 525i、625i、525p、625p、720p、1080i。the VS Register is not like HS Register can be found the Default Data in Page123-124 Table51 and Figure49 and Table54 and table55.

Here is The AT056TN53V1 Screem Timing Figure as follow:

Base UG-180 Page123-125,is it means START_HS need move left 4LLC and END_HS need move left 90LLC?

so START_HS = 11 1111 1100 and END_HS = 11 1010 0110。

so 0x7C=0F、0x7D=0xA6、0x7E=FC。   is it right??

but i can not understand how to set START_VS and END_VS, what should i setting?