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ADV7611 RGB888 640*480 Output the VsyncTiming Controls Register Setting Question

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: Nono
Software Version: version 0.3

I want Use ADV7611 to Trans HDMI from PC to AT056TN53V1 screem witch is need RGB888 Signal DE Mode or HV Mode。

I have something confuse When I was setting the ADV7611 CP block Register Addr = 0x7F:i cant found the VS Default Timing table in UG-180.

In page125 of UG-180,it only have the VS Default Timing Table about 525i、625i、525p、625p、720p、1080i。the VS Register is not like HS Register can be found the Default Data in Page123-124 Table51 and Figure49 and Table54 and table55.

Here is The AT056TN53V1 Screem Timing Figure as follow:

Base UG-180 Page123-125,is it means START_HS need move left 4LLC and END_HS need move left 90LLC?

so START_HS = 11 1111 1100 and END_HS = 11 1010 0110。

so 0x7C=0F、0x7D=0xA6、0x7E=FC。   is it right??

but i can not understand how to set START_VS and END_VS, what should i setting?

  • Hi,

     The HS_START and HS_END will move Hsync edges .Similarly VS_START and VS_END will move Vsync edges. The user can reposition the synchronization signal output from the regenerated input synchronization signal within the CP block with the control bits start_hs[9:0] / end_hs[9:0]  /start_vs[3:0] / end_vs[3:0] / start_fe[3:0] / start_fo[3:0] .

     Please note that, Start_vs and End_vs only move the edges by +/- 8 lines but generally we do not have to do this either since the source will generate the correct VS and HS signals.

     For example, "The picture gets shifted by a number of clocks equal to the hsync width. For example, the hsync width is 40 clock cycles for 720p, so the picture would get shifted by 40 pixel clocks".

      Note: START_HS and END_HS adjust the HS timing based on the input HSYNC pulse.  So if START_HS = 0 then HS start should be the same as incoming hsync.  The same applies for the END_HS.  The Active video pixels are based on the incoming sync pulses and these register just move the output sync edges.  There is no direct relationship between active video pixels and trailing hsync pulse, just indirect based on the incoming pulse.

     DE = Hysnc anded with Vsync, assuming hsync and vsync are expanded to cover the entire blanking area.

     From this below table for 480P, you can take the Vs default configuration values from 525i/625i