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EVAL - Melody 8. Using the Extender pins on the CPLD to drive audio externally

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-MELODY-8

There is a 60 pin header in my EVAL Board:


I want to drive audio from the cpld that goes into the  in-built dac (1939) through the extender pins to route it to my own external dsp, dac setup. like in the image below: 

is my assumption right? can i use the extender pins for this purpose? is this configurable in Sigma Studio for SHARC. 


  • Hi, 
    I am not sure which DSP you are planning to use which version of SigmaStudio for SHARC you are using. You need to refer the data sheet of corresponding DSP/DAC to find out the audio interface pins. If you are able to find audio pins you can check whether the DSP/DAC supported in SigmaStudio for SHARC.

  • Thanks for you response Sakthivel P. I am planning to use a 1463 for doing some external audio processing outside the melody 8 , and i have access to both sigma studio+ and sigma stuiod 4.7.
    The DSP on the melody board is a ADSP-21569. 

    My question is more related to the 60-PIN EI2 CONNECTOR on the Melody Board. 

    As i understand cpld on the melody board routes audio to  DAC (1939)  through the pins marked blue in the image below. and there are a bunch of pins named "Extender" on the CPLD which are accessible through the 60 pin header marked in green. 

    am i able to redirect the audio data being passed to the AD DSDATA pins (marked blue) to the pins marked green (extender )pins, to get access to the digital audio data before it reached the DAC? unforutnately, i couldn't find any guide or inforamtion about the 60-PIN EI2  header in the user guide . 

    or in short, what is the 60-PIN EI2  header and the extender pins for? 


  • Hi clffrd,

    Please work with your ADI sales contact to get support on the EVAL-MELODY-8 evaluation board. We have a private forum where they can post questions and get answers.