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ADV7619 settings

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV7619


Regarding "PRIMARY MODE AND VIDEO STANDARD" on p21 of UG-237, what is the free run and decimation mentioned?

Do I always need to make settings according to the input video?

If it is a function that does not need to be supported, is it okay to use the following default settings as described?

• PRIM_MODE[3:0]: 0x06

• VID_STD[5:0]: 0x02

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  • Hi,

     Please note that, PRIM_MODE and VID_STD are used to set the free run format only and they are not required, especially if FREERUN is disabled (These controls are also used to specify the free run output standard) . You can leave these two at their default values if you are not using them.

     Decimation is nothing but it reduces the sampling rate if it is required by downstream devices.  Normally we keep it as '1x1'.

     For example,


    The DPP_BYPASS_EN bit allows the user to fully bypass the DPP block with no decimation or color space conversion. The DPP is bypassed automatically in non decimated modes such as 1x1, 2x2, and 4x4 (selected by the PRIM_MODE[3:0] and VID_STD[5:0] controls).

    Note: Decimating the video data from an HDMI stream is optional and should be performed only if it is required by the downstream devices connected to the ADV7619.