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[ADV748x] Tolerance (accuracy) of 100kohm pull-down resister for RX_5V pin

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADV748x


I have a question about a tolerance(accuracy) of 100kohm pull-down resister for RX_5V pin of ADV7480.

The H/W manual say as follows on the page142.
>Important: When using the RX_5V/VBUS pin on the ADV748x, a large pull down resistor (100kΩ typical) to ground should be connected to this pin.

Is there any required tolerance (accuracy) for this 100kohm resister?
My customer had used ADV7480 for their system, and he used 100kohm plus-minus 5% resister for the RX_5V pin.
Is the 100kohm plus-minus 5% resister allowed for the pull down resistor of the RX_5V pin?

Thank you!
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Any tolerance will work

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Any tolerance will work

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