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adv7625 I2s pins voltage level

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7625KBCZ-8-RL

Hi AD Video Team,

I am currently working on ADV7625 and I want to connect a simple Audio ADC(AK5720) and audio DAC(Akd4118A) to the i2s digital stereo inputs and outputs on the Adv7625. But I am not sure about the voltage level of these 3 pins (AUD1_IN, AUD1_IN_LRCLK, AUD1_IN_SCLK) of the ADV7625. If I need to use a level shifter, what can I use it?

can you help me about that?

Thank you. 


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ADV7625 pin voltage specifications are provided in the short form data sheet

  • can we say all digital inputs and outputs(except 5v tolerant) are  3.3v?