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Can I Send Data, Wakeup Signals and Power on GMSL with Co-Ax cable?

Category: Hardware


I have a host which shall drive the display. Display have only coaxial cable. No other port to it. 

I want to use GMSL serialised and diseralizer in both devices as shown in the picture. 

I want to send the following on the coax line. 

1. Power: To power the display LCD and internal Microcontrollers

2. Wakeup Pulses: To wake up the display to ready to show the video content 

3. Data: Send video data to display to the video content 

What I know is, 1 and 3 are possible. My question is, 

a. Is 2 necessary?

b. Can we realise 2 if I want to do it?

c. Any other wakeup methods possible on coaxial line?