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HDMI receiver and converter to 24-bit RGB

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9398 / ADV7611
I need to select a HMDI receiver par which can convert HDMI to 24-bit RGB signal.
The display module is ECX336CN which can operate at 1.8V. 
Came up with AD9398 which can operate at 1.8V so I don't need signal level shifter part. But AD9398 is AD9398 is not recommended by Analog Device for new designs and no technical support for that.
The alternative part is AD7611.Looking at the datasheet the minimum digital Output High Voltage is 2.4V which is higher than absolute range of ECX336CN. 
1- is there any HDMI receiver can support 24-bit REG (1.8V)?
2- if the only option is AD9398, can I get some technical support for the schematic?
3- Going with AD7611 root, required level shifter for my application?
thanks in advance for help.