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About the I2P settings of the ADV7280A.

Category: Hardware

I would like to use the I2P function of the ADV7280A to convert an input signal in NTSC (480i) video format.
We would like to convert the input signal in NTSC (480i) video format to a progressive (480p) signal and output it in 8-bit ITU-R BT.656 YCrCb 4:2:2.

A test pattern (color bar) input in NTSC (480i) video format to the ADV7280A is converted to progressive using the I2P function.
The converted signal is converted to progressive.
The converted signal was encoded in 480p30 video format.
Upon checking the encoded signal, we found that the color bar was only displayed in the upper half of the image (see attached figure).

Do you have any ideas about the cause of this problem?
The register is set as follows.


addr data

0x0F 0x00
0x52 0xCD
0x00 0x00
0x0E 0x80
0x9C 0x00
0x9C 0xFF
0x0E 0x00
0x80 0x51
0x81 0x51
0x82 0x68
0x17 0x41
0x03 0x0C
0x04 0x07
0x13 0x00
0x1D 0x40
0xFD 0x84
0x41 0x80
0x5B 0x00


attached figure↓