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Handling of unsed pixel output pin on ADV7619

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7619


For the unused pixel output pin (High-Z), pull down is added with an external device for the convenience of the customer circuit.
Will the added pull-down affect the ADV7619 output waveform or AC timing? Please let me know if this usage is a problem.
* Pull-down resistance = 3.3V / IRPD = 10k to 48.5kohm
* Current 68~330μA

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  • Hi,

       Pull down will not create any problem with output waveform and also according to our expert comment, It is never a good idea to leave input pins floating.  A weak 100k pull down is good just to tie the input pin to the reference ground ( It is recommended that all unused inputs be pulled to ground.  ( Implying that it does not have pull resistors or very weak ones on the inputs).  

       Generally, We can leave "High-Z" pins are open.

        In general "Unused Analog pins should be connected to ground & Unused Output digital pins can be left open or floating.

        Also As indicated in the ADV7619 Manual, the pixel output pins, LLC and syncs are all tristated by default until they are untristated via I2C.