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Category: Software
Product Number: ADV7182
Software Version: DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11.exe

Dear Sirm,

We use DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11.exe on EVAL-ADV7182AEBZ.

It happen the following symptom.

<Symptom Detail>

AN1/Input Format:  NTSC 

Using Script File:Scripts-> ADV7182A_CUST->02_CVBS_SINGLE_ENDED_AUTODETECT->Autodetect_CVBS_Single_Ended_In_Ain_1_YPbPr_Out

We checked Hsync and Vsync pin by oscilloscope.

-It  sometimes happen abnormal of the rising timing of HSYNC and VSYNC (it sometimes work normally.)

 It is unstable behavior of VSYNC.

   -Normal case : VSYNC is same rising timing as HSYNC. (HSYNC and VSYNC rise at same time.) 

   -Abnormal case : VSYNC is different rising timing,shiftted(delayed) by 2 clock from HSYNC.

 At reading timing of the script file, it may be normal or abnormal. (dependent on read script file timing)

Could  you please advise us about this symptom?

Thanks and Best regards



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in reply to IsshinKida

Part 2d)  If the I2C traces on the board run close to the AIN1 trace you might electrically couple noise from the I2C lines into the analog signal.   I was wondering if these transitions were interfering with the video syncs.  If the Vsync had noise on it then only duration of the I2C writes would. The fact that it remains unstable indicates it's not an interference problem.

  • Dear GueterL-san,

    Thank you for your support about this issue.

    We will get another EVK-ADV7182A this week.

    But we coudn't get this Software "DVP EVAL Software on your web site.

    There are no link on DVP EVAL Software.

    Which web site can we download this software?

    - --> I found the same FAQ on web site. I can install it by myselef.

    After another EVK,  I will ask again.

    Thanks and Best regards

    Isshin Kida