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ParPort not installed on ADV Register Control 3.56

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADV7181DEBZ
Software Version: ADV Register Control 3.56

I received a Evaluation board EVAL-ADV7181DEBZ for the ADV7181D and installed the ADV Register Control 3.56 from the FTP site on a virtualBox running Windows XP. The software reported it had been successfully installed. After connecting the USB and ADV Register Control is unable to read the ADV7181 registers. The USB interface is being installed on the XP virtual machine as a "USB Human Interface", so it is able to see the USB interface, but there are no LPT ports available. In the ADV Register Program Configuration, when I select Port>Check Port Address it reports that "ParPort not installed" and there was no message during installation about ParPort being installed. It appears that Parport is not being installed correctly and the LPT ports are not being created.

Thanks for your help.