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ADV7401 Front End Filter Circuit using ADA4412-3

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADV7401


We are designing a Video interface board with STANAG3350 input & output. ADV7401 is selected as STANAG3350 video decoder IC. The board will receive STANAG3350 as differential analog signal. Video differential receiver IC AD8145 (+-5V supply) is used to convert to single ended analog signal. This single ended signal is interfaced to Video filter IC ADA4412-3 (+5V single supply with output DC offset set at 0.6V). The output of  ADA4412-3 is connected to AIN pins of ADV7401 directly to convert to RGB pixel bus data which is inerfaced to on board FPGA.

STANAG3350 --> AD8145 (+-5V) --> ADA4412-3 (+5V) --> ADV7401 --> FPGA is the flow.

Please confirm whether the flow of interconnection is ok to proceed. Give feedback if any issue in interfacing like this.


Hafiz Haja

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